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„He had nothing to complain about. So he remained silent“ (Walter Lu din)

We work with the vision of eliminating your faults and risks, so that you can concentrate on your core activity – complaint-free production.

Our fault analysis and our optimal communication structure help you change the parameters of your processes in order to avoid lasting complaints.

As part of the troubleshooting, we take over the safeguarding of production.

With our full-service / 24-hour service, we are at your disposal 365 days a year with a team of specialists and their comprehensive know-how:


Our know-how includes:

Support of 3D coordinates measuring technology, support of the initial sample process (EMPB, WE control etc.), testing, sorting, and reworking up to QS release.


Covering production peaks

Specialists in the fields of production, assembly and warehouse logistics support you during your production processes (e.g. in the event of the absence of employees, increased production volumes, etc.). Thereby, all activities are carried out with the objective of maximum quality.



In addition to the possibility of having our specialist team to work in your plants or locations of your suppliers or customers, there is also the option to process your complaint in our representation sites and quality centers worldwide.


Technical solutions, what do we offer?

  • Quality assurance and transport: visual inspection, measuring, sorting, production, reworking, and logistics with own truck fleet
  • Presence: at your plants or the premises of your suppliers and customers
  • In-house: 14 self-managed quality and logistics center
    • With a focus on: visual inspection, sorting, reworking, logistics, Sandblasting, CNC machining, grinding - more
    • A patented and unique laser welding system - more