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"I’d put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don’t have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.“ (Thomas A. Edison)


Innovations Solutions AG is international company with headquarter in Stuttgart Germany, specialized in the introduction of engineering solutions using renewable energy sources, focused on solar energy. We provide a full range of services for the Financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance for solar energy project in different levels - from Home Solar System to large commercial photovoltaic power plant projects

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Products providers from the first stages of development through successful construction.

Our aim is developing the projects from A to Z. Working out the initial economic feasibility forecasts, finding the best location, securing all necessary permits, securing the land and taking care of all feed-in contracts with energy utilities, building the power plant and accompany the investor with operating and maintenance over the complete period of Solar plant life-time. Our certificated teams (design, construction and maintenance) develop all required details with taking care of solid work on building site, they are responsible for long lasting usage. in project planning phase, we will bring all the regional, individual requirements and local climatic conditions into the account. Consistently the result will be a high-performance, “Made-in-Germany” solar power plant with the shortest possible period of amortisation and an attractive return on investment.


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Innovations Solutions has intensive experience in turnkey solutions and is realizing all kind of solar power plants. Our Made-in-Germany products are designed for longevity and superior investor returns.

Innovations Solutions AG make you support on following targets:

  • Ground mounting
    • fixed
    • single axis systems
    • double axis systems
  • Rooftops
    • flat
    • angled
  • Carports
  • greenhouses
  • and many more...

By using “Made-in-Gemany” Products, we provide our customers with the best performance solutions. Long-lasting and high performing electrical components are the key for an above-average income and best possible return of invest.

Our Strategic partnerships with well-known brands like SMA for inverter, Arausol for mounting structure and SAP for monitoring, guarantees the availability of best “Made-in-Germany” components for our turnkey solutions.

The engineer team of the Innovations Solutions AG make designs and develops solar power plant projects for our investors. Our target is including the initial economic feasibility forecasts, finding a suitable location, securing title to the land and taking care of all feed-in contracts with energy utilities.

Innovations Solutions AG as an experienced general contractor, provide:

  • Shortest possible time to build the solar power plant
  • Serving all the safety regulations and using the all safety-equipment,
  • Integration of carefully selected regional subcontractors.
  • Conclusion of all necessary insurance contracts
  • Successful technical acceptance test, before the plant is connected to the grid and produces at full power.

During the entire term of use and feed-in tariff payment, Innovations Solutions AG will monitor the complete solar power plant. Our local and Germany-based specialists will take care regarding this in our own control centers. These seamless online diagnostics, in cooperation with our on-site specialists, ensure trouble-free, yield-optimised operation, and effectively prevent unpleasant surprises.