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Office administrators


The requirements for training as office administrator depend on the respective training company. For example, large size companies place great value on fluency in English, French, or Spanish as a foreign language while others do not.

In principle, the profession does not have a minimum level of education; but the average maturity or advanced technical college certificate is usually required for the profession of the office administrator.


The activities of the office administrators mostly depend on the department where they are employed (Purchasing, Sales, Accounting, Human Resources, etc.). Likewise, one must distinguish between industry-specific task areas. They focus mostly on the computer systems. These systems are used to provide a better overview of the inventory and to communicate with other companies and/or customers and the like.

Office administrators are also engaged in new task areas in marketing. Especially in large companies, they take over the coordination of advertising, issue orders for the production of advertising spots, and ensure customer satisfaction in customer care centers.

To efficiently perform their versatile tasks, office administrators must be well versed in handling the latest hardware and software.

Training content

The profession of office administrator is a recognized apprenticeship in accordance with the Vocational Training Act. The following learning content is taught in the course of corporate training:

  1. Training areas:

    1. Position of the training organization in the economy as a whole

    2. Vocational training

    3. Occupational safety, environmental protection and rational energy consumption

  2. Organization and services:

    1. Service performance and service appraisal

    2. Operational organization and functional relationships

  3. Office management and statistics:

    1. Organization of the workplace

    2. Work and organizational resources

    3. Office management processes

    4. Statistics

  4. Information processing:

    1. Text processing

    2. Office communication technology

    3. Data processing for commercial applications

  5. Corporate accounting:

    1. Commercial management and control

    2. Accounting

    3. Cost accounting

  6. Human resources:

    1. Fundamentals of company personnel management

    2. Personnel management

    3. Payroll accounting

  7. Office organization

  8. Order and invoice processing, warehousing

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